Become a Vendor

Applications for the NEW 2023 Season will be open from February 1-28, 2023

BEFORE you start an application to the Alpharetta Farmer's Market,

please make sure you have the following REQUIRED documents

ready BEFORE you apply:

  1. Valid city or county business license, GA Secretary of State certificate, OR Tax ID certificate.
  2. Current Commercial Liability Insurance certificate naming the ABA as Additional Insured at the following address: 11770 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 205, Box 264, Alpharetta, GA 30009
  3. Food Licenses. If you cook, serve, and/or sell food related items, you will need to upload a valid license depending on what you sell (examples: ServSafe Certificate, cottage license, food sales license, commissary kitchen agreement, meat license, seafood license, etc.).
  4. 2 booth photos and 4 product photos of the items you plan to sell.
  5. List of ALL products you intend to sell throughout the season.
  6. $50 non-refundable application fee (payable with credit card).

Your application will NOT BE CONSIDERED if you fail to upload the appropriate documents or if you fail to pay the application fee when you apply.

In addition to the list above, please note:

  • ALL items for sale at the Market must be on the application.  The AFM reserves the right to reject individual products on applications.
  • Vendors will be notified via email if they have been selected to participate.
  • Admission to the Market does not guarantee permission to sell at the Market during the entire season. Participation is a revocable agreement, and any misconduct or violation of this agreement may result in suspension or termination from the AFM at the discretion of the Staff or Board of Directors.
  • Vendors are solely responsible for keeping their licenses current in Manage My Market. Typically, liability insurance and food licenses have an expiration date that needs to be listed when applying. If a license expires, the vendor will not be permitted to enter the market until the license is updated.

Saturdays | 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Have questions about the vendor application?

Contact our Market Manager, Julie Carter, at

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